A game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a television screen or display.

Said game is original, not a remake nor a port, or even a sequel to a series that was never that great in the first place. Oh, and it's also QUALITY.
<\g> 3DS has no gaems.
<Ice> Shut up you're being ignorant.
<Jeremy> But it's true.
<\g> go eat a dick you candle sniffing fence fuck priest humping dildo eating shit master
<Jeremy> PSP has no gaems.
by \g December 17, 2011
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when typing fast, there is a very big possibility of misspell gaming and typing ''gaeming'' instead.
(while chatting)
friend1: i love gaeming
firend2: you spelled gaming as gaeming
friend1: oops
by SIngle-fuck-with-no-life April 29, 2022
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Word used in the Warmerise dialect which means structured form of play, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool.
"Warmerise is a gaem"
"I make gaems and stuff"
by Erlaanz January 25, 2017
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A pejorative term used to refer to video games deemed, by the user, as generic exercises in mindless action/shooting. Typically referring to a game of the FPS genre.

The capitalization and intentional misspelling of "game" attempt to mimic the crude online vernacular of the "typical" SHOOTAN GAEMer, assumed to be teenagers and those lacking in cognitive ability.

The phrase can also be altered and applied to other game genres, usually referencing the most most base, repetitive aspect of a genre's gameplay. A common example is "GRINDAN GAEM", applied to RPGs and MMOs, mocking the repetitive combat and level building, or "grinding", necessary for in-game advancement.

Originated on 4chan's /v/ (video game) image board.
"Why would I want an Xbox 360? All they release for that system are generic SHOOTAN GAEMS!"
by bubsyb August 23, 2007
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Person 1: Hey! I found this game named "Normal" Border Gaem!
Person 2: Cool!
by Noobsoldier June 20, 2021
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