21 definitions by SIngle-fuck-with-no-life

human1: how's your dick
human2: mdof
human1: contact a doctor
by SIngle-fuck-with-no-life May 19, 2022
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either the longest or one of the longest english word.

no clue what it means but when i searched for ''the longest english word'' this appeared
some dude: hey have you heard of Methionylthreonylthreonylglutaminylalany ?

me: what in the ever loving fu-
by SIngle-fuck-with-no-life January 3, 2022
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stand for ''nigga, i dont know''
whitedude: man, where is camera!?!?
blackdude: nidk where you put your shit!
by SIngle-fuck-with-no-life April 21, 2022
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ligoma balls
dude1: hey, do you maybe want to go to ligoma later?
dude2: what the hell is ligoma?
by SIngle-fuck-with-no-life April 10, 2022
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a sub-reddit where pictures of very shitty haircuts is posted
shitty-hair-guy: look at my new cool hairstyle!

normal-hair-guy: that shit looks ugly as hell. let me take a picture of it and post it on r/justfuckmyshitup
by SIngle-fuck-with-no-life April 25, 2022
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the second you enter an online match of rainbow six siege is where you'll get mad for the rest of you life when playing siege

-r6 player who suck at playing the game
me: *tries to play rainbow six siege*

spawn peekers: n o
by SIngle-fuck-with-no-life April 25, 2022
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