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ガチムチ/がちむち. A Japanese term that literally means "muscular chubby," which refers to big, bulky body types that are very muscular, but also have a good amount of fat.
Jiraiya, Go Fujimoto, and Ebisubashi Seizoh are just a few of the many bara manga artists who specialize in gachimuchi characters.

Many offseason bodybuilders tend to have gachimuchi body types.
by odan August 08, 2012
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Japanese BL term for really buff gay men like Billy Herrington.
Billy Herrington's (Aniki) pornos are the epitome of gachimuchi wrestling.
by BillyHerrington May 02, 2010
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A synonym for bara; a form of yaoi that appeals to an actual gay male audience, unlike the mainstream that usually appeals to women. Also can describe a man who is muscular, hairy, and carries a few excess pounds.
"Wow, guys fuck like manly bears in Gachi Muchi, wouldn't you say?"
by Videodrome July 30, 2009
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Gachimuchi or Gachi is a large group of music/Video made with gay porn stars including, Van Dark Holm and Billy Herrington.
Boy 1: Hey man check out this Gachimuchi?
Boy 2: Sure.
Boy 1: How did you like it?
Boy 2: What is wrong with you? Do you enjoy this stuff?

Boy 1: Yeah the songs are not bad.
Boy 2: You fucking Gay?
by Ram Ranch Jotaro January 09, 2020
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