A sporting technique where a person looks like they know what they are doing and then messes it up
Tom attempted to catch the ball but missed
" you Herrington" Will shouted!!
by fishboy1989 January 1, 2012
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Nigel Herrington or Ultimate Nigel 368, was an ancient warrior of the mushroom kingdom. He has saved reality multiple times. His sword Pure Ultimate, is the most powerful weapon in the universe. He was brought back to life after giving his life to defeat an ancient evil known as Pure Terror. He currently is located on earth. Some people who do not realize who he really is disrespect him though he may not be as strong as Shaggy Rogers, even Shaggy himself respects Nigel. Many people have betrayed him but he stays determined and is ready to fight off evil.
Nigel Herrington is a legand!!
by Pure Ultimate April 6, 2020
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a crook who has run memphis down to the ground!!! he has also been under several investagations from the FBI. he is the reason why memphis always has one of the highest crime rates in the u.s.a.
the last election mayor herrington won his campaning slogan was " shakein dem haters off"
by nick castle June 9, 2008
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Used to be a good school but has turned to crap full of vapers like liam
East Herrington primary school is bad
by Mandude123569 February 22, 2023
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Good school but has tards like liam
East Herrington primary is bad
by Mandude123569 February 25, 2023
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he has a MASSIVE horse c 0 c k and is so good at using it
WOW josiah herrington has a big d! ck that he àn aled me with
by YourMothersHot November 12, 2022
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David is a preppy prick from flushing high school in michigan. Being from flushing hes had everything spoon fed to him and shoved down his throat to the point where he couldn't see a good opportunity if I hit him in the fucking nose. Wears lulu lemon everything and only eats salads. 2nd in his class because his is an overall underachiever and cannot put in more than 50% effort. In his freetime wyatt helps the homeless and takes a regular dancing class and performs for the elderly. Basically a ivy league douchbag and looks like the word lacrosse.
Hey wyatt herrington hows it going
Shut up I'm smarter than you and I could buy you and your whole family you disgusting peasant.
by Big dick donny November 26, 2019
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