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The name of the godly man who turned many childish boys into manly men, Billy Herrington. Rest in peace, Aniki.
"Yo Forsen, what's up. It's Billy Herrington, Aniki."
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by Ketchup & Mayonnaise July 19, 2018
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Loosely tranlating to "older brother" or "big brother".In common Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) slang, "Aniki" is a term used for a Yakuza of older, or senior rank within the family, and is said as a title of respect from a lower ranking family member to a higher.
I refer to him as "Aniki", because he's the leader of our "family".
by Ouchmypride July 28, 2006
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another word for bro
as seen in a webcomic about an anime frat
"yo let's go to this party my girl asked me to go to"
" fuck that aniki! let's go eat pizza!"
by whoopahschoopa September 09, 2011
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