The name of the godly man who turned many childish boys into manly men, Billy Herrington. Rest in peace, Aniki.
"Yo Forsen, what's up. It's Billy Herrington, Aniki."
by Ketchup & Mayonnaise July 19, 2018
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Loosely tranlating to "older brother" or "big brother".In common Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) slang, "Aniki" is a term used for a Yakuza of older, or senior rank within the family, and is said as a title of respect from a lower ranking family member to a higher.
I refer to him as "Aniki", because he's the leader of our "family".
by Ouchmypride July 28, 2006
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A little dog with an owner named pinyi

Usually anikis hate head pats but once you've gotten close enough, they will lick your hand off
Aniki is such a hand locker ugh
by Luna I think December 24, 2020
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In reference to our big, brown, handsome, bengali ass nigga
Hi Aniki, we missed you!!!!
by Shoonert April 14, 2022
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It means Elder brother in japanese.
a-re wa aniki?(Is that your older brother?)
by Capo Crimini September 15, 2008
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another word for bro
as seen in a webcomic about an anime frat
"yo let's go to this party my girl asked me to go to"
" fuck that aniki! let's go eat pizza!"
by whoopahschoopa September 9, 2011
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Chou Aniki is the gay game series to end all gay game series. Never released in America for obvious reasons, Chou Aniki games had naked (wearing only thongs) buff oiled men flexing and defeating enemies using their sheer manliness.

Enemies of the games include a giant testicle-shaped ship, a COMPLETELY naked man riding a half-moon bathtub, and various robots operated by tiny naked men.
Ai Chou Aniki for the Japanese PCEngine/TurboGrafx 16
Chou Aniki: Seinaru Protein Densetsu for the Japanese Playstation 2
by Narrator 1 July 29, 2004
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