the latter time of an event, Usually involving its consequences.
news reporter: The "aftermath" of this party seems to consist of two injured persons, a wrecked house, and raging parents.
by foodnut December 12, 2010
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its wierd like the next day after geting high you will suddenly fell high again its like a hangover but its a good thing.If you have never smoked you wouldnt know what im talking about.
dude, i was in school and the aftermath kicked in.
by skr February 28, 2007
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After a very physically demanding athletic practice, you go to a Chipotle, Qdoba, ect. and order a large burrito. While eating this burrito you receive head (a blow job).
Bro, practice was crazy hard yesterday. But atleast I got an aftermath afterwards.
by Forbes Mcdonald December 03, 2009
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The unexplained sickness you get from attending a mosh pit the day after.
I feel sick as hell. Probably aftermath from that mosh I went to last night.
by CallAnOptimist May 15, 2011
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