1.Who Naruto calls Pervy Sage.
2.A dirty old man, about 50yo.
3.The Author of Come Come Paradise(Icha Icha Paradise)
4.A disciple of the Third Hokage.
5.His fellow teammates were Tsunade and Orichimaru.
6.Minato Namikaze's leader
by Andreasantoni June 12, 2008
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Jiraiya was a student of the 3rd hokage and also was the sensei of the future 4th hokage. Jiraiya is one of the Three Legendary Sennin's, with Tsunade and Orochimaru. He is the "Rock" as the three are heavily based off the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" game, or also known as Janken.
You first see him peeping in the women bathing place to "collect material". Naruto then gave him his nickname "Ero-sennin". Although he is kinda stupid and funny, he truly is a master ninja. He teaches Naruto to control his 2 chakras and to summon frogs.
As such, Jiraiya's fighting techniques are mostly defensive, His "Underworld Swamp" immobilizes a large amount of ninja's in a marsh, and his "Underworld Spines" defend him from any physical attack. He mostly relies on his summoning frogs to aid him, though he rarely summons Gama Bunta.
There might be a good reason why he specializes in defensive techniques, and that is because he a complete and utter pervert, who writes a series of books known as Icha Icha Paradise, a book Kakashi himself adores. As such, he has grown so adept at peeping he is rarely caught.

Also see Ero-Sennin
Jiraiya is super cool and powerful, but he's such a pervert.
by Freud December 8, 2004
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1) An old man (preferably over 50) that is obsessed with high school girls.

2) A Pervert who also is flamboyantly dramatic

3) One who can turn its hair into spikes.

4)A man who gets drunk at sake bars using his fallower's money.

5)One who's obsession with women out weighs his wisdom.

6)see pervert hermet

7)see Thomas
The pervert hermet, jiraiya was caught sneaking into the women's hotsprings.
by RAVENX September 24, 2004
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