sabaku no gaara (or gaara of the desert), born the youngest child of the kazekage and brother to temari and kankuro. a demon (shukaku) was sealed inside him at a VERY early age and made his life miserable henceforth, he went on to unconciously kill his mother, and the sand village basically wanted him dead, although they never succeeded at killing the child. not unlike a timebomb, gaara became a vile shinobi and felt an inate need to kill others... that is until he learned from naruto that there are other ways of dealing with pain and the overall antics of being a shinobi.

his abilities are ridiculously powerful and resourceful, for example the handseal that creates the avalanche of sand, capable of burying opponents alive and then creating a shockwave (sabaku taiso) to obliterate them.
it would be really stupid to underestimate gaara.
by oriya June 13, 2005
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One of the HOTTEST characters on Naruto. He is also very strong.
by sakura1336 August 18, 2006
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Gaara's name and Kanji on his forehead is a pun for the term 'I love death'. The Kanji is the word 'love' and his name is a term for 'death'.

A character in Naruto.
"A rain of needles. Then I guess I'll make it rain blood."
by Gaara-of-the-Desert April 24, 2005
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one of the best naruto characters he kinda ugly as an adult but cute as a baby
by Alphatrip May 31, 2021
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1) An emo ninja/ freak from the Hit Anime Series Naruto. He is uber-powerful.
2) Someone who looks like an emo and loves killing anything that moves.
3) One who wears eyeliner, shaves their eyebrows, is an insomniac, and is demonically possessed (associated with emos).
4) A sadistic red-head who proclaims himself as a narcissistic demon (related: elmo).
5) Anyone pretending to be sad to get attention.
by KitsuneRox December 6, 2007
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the act of not telling someone that you like them, and having to live with the pain of watching that person be with someone else
Fernando busted a gaara and got drunk while listening to 'Chente music and thinking about that girl.
by MaryC636 March 31, 2006
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