little shits that think "fucking ur mom" is funny. they like to shit on other peoples days just to get a laugh. they're complete shit heads.
12 yr. old boys: hey bitch i fucked ur mom last night loololololol!!!111111!!!!!
me: my mom has cancer
12 yr. old boys: cause i fucked her so hard last night lololololoolo!111!!!!!!
me: fucking arrogant 12 year old boys
by some pissed off girl August 2, 2014
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Someone who wanks to YouTube videos.
-Christian 12 year old: Hey, do you want to finish the castle on our Minecraft server?
-All regular 12 year olds in unison: No, I'm going to go watch some YouTube videos then go to bed.
Wank12 year old12 year old boyYouTubechristian12 year old girl
by Throbbing Llama March 21, 2018
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12 year old boy butt,:n. the ass of a petite woman, lacking breeders hips.
Asian chics are hot!
Most of them have 12 year old boy butts!
by Immodest April 17, 2006
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joe- have you heard of the snotty 12 year old boy?
also joe- yeah i fucking hate him
the a snotty 12 year old boy- man i love twerking
by Thenonfun November 10, 2021
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