Formerly a good station.
Now is dominated by crappy shows that have absolutely nothing to do with video games. The only shows still worth watching are Judgement day If it's even on anymore, and sometimes Attack of The Show. All the rest is complete garbage.

X-Play is not funny at all.

No matter what fanboys say Star Trek is NOT a good show

Cinematech is the only show where u can watch someone play a videogame... and thats it, Possibly the worst show on TV

Formula D Is a show about cars, so why the fuck is it on G4TV

Filter- Used to countdown video games but now counts down random shit no one cares about.

Cheat- Cheats for crappy games. Just incase you don't have the internet :P
Hey did you see X play on G4tv yesterday!?

Oh was it the one where they made a reference to something no one knows about, and read off a teleprompter!

by Raptor_Man September 04, 2006
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A TV channel for high school and college loners that like to get their battery charged with a little softcore porn and maybe some random anime thing or Ninja Warrior. The kid usually grows up to be an IT professional or video game designer, or works at McDonalds and goes on MySpace to get money by taking surveys. They are usually about 30 til they get married and never have kids.
Bob: I can't get Playboy TV
Bill: Check out G4TV...basically it has the same stuff
by Kyle 230 August 09, 2009
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