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A Tv channel with a major identity crisis. Formerly ZDTV, then Tech TV, then G4techtv, now G4. The G in G4 supposedly stands for "games", but they have 1 show dedicated to gaming (X Play, with Cheat! being part of it now as a 5 minute segment). Also, Attack of the Show sometimes has maybe 10-15 minutes of technology, and the rest is viral videos of people getting punched in the balls.
G4 can suck my weenie.
by Johhny McScrawny July 11, 2008

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The most bitched about weapon in Call of Duty 4.

M16+Red Dot Sight+Stopping Power=The bane of COD4 fanboys and the main setup of losers.
Sucker 1: "oh no! I was just killed by the M16! What a noobish gun! I have to go complain about it on an internet forum, because if I do, people will listen to me and stop using it!"

M16A4 user: "Quit your bitching, it's in the game, so it's fair!" (It isn't, by the way)

Me:"Call of Duty 4 sucks"
by Johhny McScrawny July 11, 2008

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