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Disproportionately large and heavy buttocks.
Look at the futtocks on Russell. They make his head look really tiny.
by bernardhodesmond October 17, 2008
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fut-tock. (n.) - An extremely hairy pubic region located on the female mons veneris, extending past the genitalia to the anus and buttocks.
Ben has a futtock, and it's really futtocky.
by Frank Sinatrass August 10, 2007
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1) Any part of the body you are referring to.
2) A lazy or silly person whom you wish to motivate into action
3) A coarse expression of annoyance
1) Get off your futtocks!
2) Shut up ya futtock (best said with a northern accent)
3) 'Oh futtocks!'
by Rosie and Briony May 13, 2006
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