a funny girl
girl expressed as "gurl"
a girl who is fantabulous, and silly.
flails on occasion.
"oh look at that furl~!"
"your pretty furly today ~~"
"oh jennys so furlicious lately !"
by baaayyylaaay May 12, 2008
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verb - (rhymes with girl) to roll up or curl up a large, possibly ungainly piece of fabric or paper in order to more easily carry or store it. Often used with up. (to furl up something)
"After the conquering flag was unfurled, they decided to claim another spot on the mountain and furled it back up and carried it off."

"Rapunzel furled up her long blond tresses in a bun to prevent the Prince from gaining access to the tower."
by Defgrl May 21, 2008
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A slang term for a girls titties.
“You need to hold onto your furls, Martha!”
by llamaluvr98 July 02, 2019
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The sweetest and sexiest girl ever that is also clumsy and messy eater.
Yo who dat baddie that is sweet up from the feet up but dang why she getting food all over her shirt?
Oh she a straight up Fuddy Furl.
by cupersunt May 23, 2021
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