Another word for heroin. The heroin is placed in a piece of aluminum foil. Thus the name furl.
I got 2 bags of that furl!
by Chi-Chi January 29, 2004
the owner of the building
"I'm out of this world not your run of the millin'
my name is furl im the owner of the building
I'm a stoner I'm chillin with 2 bitches like jack
i pimp and i mac
i drive a benz and a lac"
Mac Dre
by maccin words August 5, 2011
Crack cocaine. This term is said to have originated in South Florida, where Ft. Lauderdale and Miami-based drug dealers have been using it since 2004.
If it wasn't for selling furl, I would still be driving a used car.
by Raj Fujiwara April 19, 2008

v. - (rhymes with girl) to roll up or curl up a large, possibly ungainly piece of fabric or paper in order to more easily carry or store it. Often used with "up." (to furl up)
"After the conquering flag was unfurled, they decided to claim another spot on the mountain and furled it back up and carried it off."

"Rapunzel furled up her long blond tresses in a bun to prevent the Prince from gaining access to the tower."

by Defgrl May 23, 2008
one belonging to the most heinous sect of the female population: the fucking ugly girl
Ew, that girl is such a foreskin pinching furl!
by Schank Beaverhousen January 15, 2008
Ebonics for the phrase "for real". The "for" and the "real" are combined creating one word; "furl"

"furl" can commonly be heard in urban centers and low income regions across the country.
Man #1: yo i got rocks for sale
Man #2: furl dawg? ill hitchu up
Man #3: ite furl
by Stereotypical Marin Kid March 7, 2008
Crank thought to be crystal meth that those Jones county, Mississippi boys smoke on tin furl.
Jones County Redneck 1: "Hey man you got any furl?"

Jones County Redneck 2: "Hell you son, I got that fire, you didn't know?"
by king Pin December 27, 2005