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a dance that u do on the dance floor if u no mac dre then u no the furly
the furly is a dance where u throw ur body aroud
by bob janis August 28, 2006
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"the furly" is a dance made popular in the bay area by Mac Dre. the best rapper to ever live R.I.P "Thizz or die"
"eh hummi you see mac dre do the furly, fuck yeah and my thizz just came in
by justin hart August 26, 2006
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1:When someone is at such a cross-faded state that they are perfectly okay with passing out in their friends bed while their friend is trying to physically carry them out of their room because they want to get laid.

2:Everything is perfectly alright/chill/okay


Mike: "Alright dude since you can't get up I'm gonna carry you outta here."
David: "Nah man it's furly."


Justin: "Dude, Dakota are you alright? You've been puking for hours!
Dakota: Don't worry man everything is furly!

Anthony: "Hey dude do you want me to get you to a bed? I'm sure the floor isn't very comfortable."
David: "Nah man I'm perfectly furly right here."
by jrock916 May 26, 2011
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one of those words you use when you have an ahhh! moment where any other word won't fit. Like when something is too fantastic or unbelievable or extraordinary and need a crazy diffrent word
that party was so friggin furly
by Stickfingers McGee March 09, 2009
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descriptive term/ when a object is a furry(hairy), gnarly, dirty and/or burly fucked up mess or situation.
Goddamn that was a furly wreck! or I accidently saw my grandma naked and she had a furly fucking bush! or You should have seen the furly spider I killed today! Or there was a bunch of furly hippys having a drum circle on campus today.
by Belial7809 December 28, 2008
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