"Man I hate furgs."
"Yeh dude, same."
by FireryTech July 29, 2021
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An alternative, often comical, spelling of the word "fag".
Brooke: Matt's so far back in the closet he can see Narnia. What a furg!

Katie: Lolz I know right?
by BetchKiera September 5, 2010
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n. Front Row Gay, A fag that sits in the front row of a class and yells out all the wrong answers
Dude that guy up there is like totally a Furg.
Jarod Waters
by Chube waters June 21, 2007
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Furry + Urges = Furges

Similar to horny, and can be used synonymously, but isn't limited to sexual situations.
The irresistible urge to partake in something related to the furry fandom.
Example 1
Person 1: My furges are uncontrollable
Person 2: Would you like to RP?
Person 1: Sure!

Example 2
Person 1: This new pokemon is trigger my furges I have to look them up on e621

Person 2: Get help
by Dememe April 2, 2022
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An alternative form of fucked. Coined from the antics of an illiterate Nigerian trying to speak British English on a viral Instagram video.
This car is turning on its own...This is furged men! LOL
by Tobikay March 18, 2019
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To masturbate before you go out with your girlfriend so you are already satisfied, so you won't be as horny/touchy with her.
Shit dude my girlfriend thinks Im a perv, I think im going to furge before I go to the movies with her.
by Mkang January 14, 2010
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