Being Hammered Drunk.

Taken from Talladega Nights, "and I'm in the front row, HAMMERED DRUNK."
You in the front row tonight?

No I ran out of beer, I'm a couple rows back, but Ron just shotgunned his case of beer, he's up on the stage, soloing.
by BlackLavend May 16, 2009
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The act of pretending that you were close to someone who passed away to gain attention and sympathy
It suck that Jared died but did you see Christie front rowing with his family at the funeral. She barely knew him. She is always looking for attention.
by Charlie Badass September 29, 2019
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I got the best dinner ever at the restaurant, it was totally front row.
by Bertrann July 03, 2018
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Front row faggots are people who always tend to sit at the front.
Person 1: Hey Colin stop being a front row faggot and join us at the back.

Colin: Nah, I'm a front row faggot for life.
by The Wiz Jizz March 20, 2009
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A group of students sitting in the front row of a class, generally grouping together on projects.
Many times, these students will be independent learners and thinkers.
Me: I don't know how to solve this.
You: Go ask the Front Row Mafia. They've figured it out by now.
by Phil Novarr February 21, 2007
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The first parking space in a row of spaces, or the parking space nearest the store entrance.
As you pull into the usually packed Wal*Mart parking lot an empty spot in the front row catches your eye, so you pull the E-brake like the Transporter and slide in like the Milf Hunter, after which you say, "Oh Shoot! Front Row Seats!"
by Wizzle Baby October 06, 2009
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When you have a parking spot near the front entrance. These do not include handicapped parking spots.
Sweet, we got front row parking. Fuck those cripples.
by AJAX McClammen April 18, 2008
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