a website mostly made out of NSFW furry artwork, there are some SFW but everyone ignores them

It is also home to a lot of cursed artworks
Person 1: yo, check out this WoW porn I found!
Person 2: Hell Nah, I'd rather jack off to the shit on e621 than see that shit
by ThunderTheFurry October 26, 2020
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a place where can find a lot of furry porn and be able to sort by many different categories like if you were looking at rule 34
me: alright guys im going to jack off to furry porn on e621

my friend: wait what the fuck
by zeno the protogen November 28, 2020
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e621 is an image board focused on furry artwork as well as other fetish art.. Do you know what furries are? You should.

Much of the content is pornographic in nature, and it contains many hardcore fetishes. Its cleaner counterpart is e926.
"e621 is a cursed website."
by Deutsches Kaiserreich March 2, 2020
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One of the Seven Circles of internet Hell, where furries and other stains on humanity flock. Some call it the off-brand rule34, while for others this is their most-visited site. Usually used as a gallery for both NSFW and SFW art. Porn posted here typically is composed of ponies, anthromorphic animals with human features, cartoons and various video game characters, ranging from Ankha from Animal Crossing to Ren & Stimpy. Some more well-known characters are : Various Pokemon, MLP characters and even Deathclaws from the Fallout series. Art is organized by tags that tell one or more things in the image. e621 is also home to porn that takes things to the extreme.
Person 1 : Dude, have you seen how sexy this gardevoir is? I found it on e621
Person 2: You know I'm into horses, right? And rule34 is the better site .
by PanisInTheAnus October 26, 2017
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e621 is a furry artwork site that is mainly known for it's furry NSFW, or yiff. Commonly used in memes as well.
Furry: Hey, do you use e621?
Non-furry: I went on there accidentally once, it wasn't good.
by Virtual-B December 17, 2020
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A website for furries where they post porn art. There's a small amount of sfw, but you find that stuff on e926. There's one thing: if you say something negative about the picture that could contain weird fetishes, your comment will get heavily downvoted. It's because of how sensitive those weirdos can be. If I were you, I'd stick to Rule34
On e621:

*Some nsfw pic has weird fetishes on it*

Normal furry: Ew, I don't like this. This fetish makes me uncomfortable

*Normal furry's comment gets heavily downvoted*

Weirdo furfag: eYe DiSsAgGrEe! DiS pIcKtUrE iZ dA sEcKsEeS

You can tell that Weirdo furfag likes whatever that fucked up fetish could be on the drawing
by I shit bees November 20, 2021
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