Commonly used to describe youtuber Mikey Manfs as being "hawt". Full course meal also meaning cute, "lookin like a snack", beautiful,"jaw dropping", perfect.
by Local for life November 12, 2018
The sentence full course meal is usually used to describe the popular boy band why don’t we. The boy band consists of: Zach Herron, Jack Avery, Jonah Marais, Daniel Seavey and Corbyn Besson.
The why don’t we boys are a full course meal 🤤🤤
by Wdw November 11, 2018
A over encompassing term for when you suck on girls tits, then eat her pussy, and finally her eat ass. The tits are the appetizer, the main dish is the pussy, and the dessert is the ass. Performing these in this specific order is known as a full course meal.
Scott: Bruh my girl wants to spice up our sex life but I don't know what to do
Jon: Easy, just give her the full course meal and she'll be wetter than Niagara falls
by Knowledge man September 25, 2021
A woman who is not skinny and very thick, and hard for many men to handle. Most men go for the appetizer because they are afraid of the full course meal. She usually has a big butt, big breasts, big thighs, flat stomach, and a pretty face.
by Full Course Meal June 2, 2006
Full Course Sex is when you and yo boo be having sex that includes blow job, hand job, oral, anal and vaginal with all typa style. That's some FULL COURSE SEX
Karen : "He gave me that Full Course Sex!"
Carol : "Damn Karen you sure enjoy his big dong huh.."
by DemChickenSammich January 21, 2020
When you see Brandon Arreaga you suddenly get fed a weeks worth of meals.
Like he's so good looking that you really don't need anything else to survive.
Damn have you seen Brandon Arreaga he's been looking like a full course meal and I'm hungry
by irlsnack May 6, 2018