5 definitions by Full Course Meal

1) Ahead of ones time with fashion and lifestyle. 2)Attracting extreme attention based on uniqeness and a ability to stand out. 3) Thinking rich and looking richer.
"Wow your dress is amazing, your hair is on point.. you look so poshy."

"That girl is so posh"

"Who are you poshing for? You trynna get a man?"
by Full Course Meal June 2, 2006
a girl who is feminine but looks like she could beat up a dude.
She get's her hair done, nails done, makeup done.. she's a pretty girl, but her swagger on the other hand tells a different story. She handles things like she's from the hood, but looks like she stepped out of a magaine. The girl everyone thinks is mean, and is afraid to approach is pretty much a tomboy (with) lipstick.. or a tomboy lipstick.
by Full Course Meal June 2, 2006
To describe a woman who is overly thick in the right places. So thick that it would make a man fall to his knees. So thick that Buffy the Body would clap her hands in applause.
"Man you over their lookin at the monday paper, this girl over here is sunday newspaper thick"
by Full Course Meal June 2, 2006
A word used to express extreme shock to a point that you are lost for correct english, can describe something disgusting, inappropriate, or just very odd.
A: Look at this girls outfit!!
B: WHAT THE HELL!! yiyiyi
by Full Course Meal June 2, 2006
A woman who is not skinny and very thick, and hard for many men to handle. Most men go for the appetizer because they are afraid of the full course meal. She usually has a big butt, big breasts, big thighs, flat stomach, and a pretty face.
by Full Course Meal June 2, 2006