A Full course meal can be used to describe Daniel seavey he auditioned for American idol and made it to the finalies but he got rejected and is now apart of a band called why dont we
by Limelightsclothing or mariexco January 16, 2018
a full course meal is someone who is attracitve, smart, and kind. also you could say "delicious" yummmmmmmmmm they can also be SEXY AF or just a tres kind person.
by perfectly.marais December 5, 2017
Full course meal is often you to describe the band Why Don’t We but mainly Corbyn Besson he is hot,amazing,smart, and just great. I mean come on how can someone be so hot yet so cute at the same time?
by Piepiece September 30, 2018
An example would be JACK AVERY , CORBYN BESSON , DANIEL SEAVEY , JONAH MARAIS , ZACH HERRON. They are all very hot, and loving and are super caring. If you have the chance to meet them do it they are smart, warm hearted, people ever. Why don’t we are some FULL COURSE MEALS.
by audibleavery on insta September 26, 2018
A common phrase used to describe The guy who eats his own hair (Jack Avery), The guy who always acts high (Corbyn Besson), The man who's eyelashes are longer than the list of my accomplishments (Daniel Seavey), The tall man that can't live a second of his life without coffee (Jonah Marais), and last but not least, The guy who's cheeks are redder than the sun (Zach Herron). ALSO KNOWN AS 'WHY DON'T WE'
Damn... That guy is a snack.... Too bad he isn't A Full Course Meal like Why Don't We
by random-positive-stan December 27, 2017
A term used commonly to describe the pop boy band why dont we but mostly to describe their hottest member, Corbyn Matthew Besson. He appears to be cute enough to eat in every photo of him, and let me tell you: he’s even cuter irl. He’s always described as a ‘snack’ or a ‘full course meal’ by any person with a brain.
Yo did you see Corbyn’s new insta post? He be looking like a full course meal
by 4:20 blaze it October 30, 2018