when you look at brandon arreaga you suddenly get a week worth of meals.
basically he feeds you with his good looks.
Have you seen Brandon Arreaga?? My mans looking like a full course meal and I'm hungry
by irlsnack May 6, 2018
(Adj.) There are people who are a snack and they're cute at the moment, but then there are people that are so attractive they are more than just a snack. They are the full course fucking meal.
Person 1: Do you see that guy over there? What a snack
Person 2: (looks over) Ooooo damn he's not a snack he's a fucking full course meal
by wertyuiop;lk September 7, 2018
Asher angel can be often called a full course meal. He can sing, act and is very handsome and cute he has everything you need in a guy even being in popular tv shows and movies
by Whywords July 15, 2018
When an accident happens the race director calls out full course yellow, cars will have to slow down to 80 kph (50 mph), line up and maintain the distance to each other, without the use of a safety car.
The race director calls out full course yellow
by Raceaddict February 4, 2021