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When your brown ass self is born just to keep your father in the U.S.
Austin: "Bruh aren't you gonna get deported next month"
Kaylin: "Nah nah nah, I got that green card baby on the way"
Jess: "You wat?"
by Knowledge man July 01, 2020
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When a girl falls in love with a dude without even smashing. Tendencies include stalking his Snapchat and Insta, saying he is the love of her life in his comments. Essentially what happens between that wolf guy and that baby in Twilight.
Kaylin: "Yo boi this chick won't stop tryna jump on my dick".
Cameron: "Shit dawg, she done gone and started dick printing your ass".
Kaylin:"You right, I'm goddamn screwed".
by Knowledge man April 27, 2020
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A over encompassing term for when you suck on girls tits, then eat her pussy, and finally her eat ass. The tits are the appetizer, the main dish is the pussy, and the dessert is the ass. Performing these in this specific order is known as a full course meal.
Scott: Bruh my girl wants to spice up our sex life but I don't know what to do
Jon: Easy, just give her the full course meal and she'll be wetter than Niagara falls
by Knowledge man September 25, 2021
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The jumbled mess your hair starts forming during Corona isolation.
Austin: Yo how's the hair looking boi?

*sends pic*
Cam: It's rough dude

Austin: Shit, your black ass forming them lockdown locs. You aint getting no punani with that mess.
by Knowledge man April 27, 2020
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When you realize "No Nut November" is a dumb trend that makes no sense.
My Friend: Bruh you still doing No Nut November
Me: Nah bruh it's Nut Now November, I'm trying to smash my girl tonight
by Knowledge man November 12, 2019
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A level of thickness that has transcended the physical three-dimensional world and goes into the fourth dimension. No current case is recorded of someone who has survived encounters with such a beings characteristic.
I heard a story once of a girl who was so thiqqq that when she went to school the students, staff, and the physical school itself were never seen again.
by Knowledge man November 30, 2017
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