Fake, superfical
Look at this fugazy ass nigga, he think he the boss.
by johnny l. mack July 11, 2008
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1. Means to be fake or false.
2. An all around fuckboy .
"This white guy dead just came up to me and said I'm not a cop but do you know where I could buy some bud. This Fugazi ass nigga must be kidding."
by C00365164 February 5, 2015
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- Phony, Fake
- Not authentic
- Of artificial substance
She's fugazy. She talks about you behing your back then smiles in your face.
by Omalichanwa January 5, 2014
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Fucked Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In.
fugazi was used in the vietnam war, and the band fugazi is amazing...even tho when they named themselves fugazi they didn't know what it meant until later
a boy was drunk and got in a fight...
Passerby: whoa he just was fugazi
by larry November 24, 2003
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Any thing that is fake.. a jersey a person.. anything
by #1 stunna May 3, 2004
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A woman or man who is fake or phony about something they do
"That girl said she party all night,but I see her studying every day!"
"That chick fugazi!"
by whtevrusayiknoalready July 1, 2015
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Someone who acts tough, but once separated from their crew and is singled out, backs down from any challenge
Tim Thomas: That Kenyon Martin is such a fugazy
by Sean Grady February 23, 2009
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