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n. Choker.

Ex.1--In 1993, while playing for Michigan, sophomore forward Chris Webber called timeout in the Men's NCAA Division I Championship game down by two points with 11 seconds left in the second half. This resulted in the team being charged with a technical foul because it didn't have any timeouts remaining.

Ex.2--In the 2002 NBA Western Conference Championship Game 7, Webber went 3 for 10 for field goals in the fourth quarter and overtime, resulting in a loss of series.

Ex.3--In the 2003 NBA Western Conference Semifinals, Webber fell down untouched while running with the ball to the basket. The result was a season-ending knee injury.

Ex.4--In 2007, the Philadelphia 76ers gave Webber a $25 million buyout of contract after two years of play. In other words, they paid him NOT to play for them.

see also: "over paid," "over rated,"
Chris Webber does not have a championship ring.

Chris Webber will not be on the cover of Wheaties (i.e. "Breakfast of Champions")

Chris Webber is the Dan Marino of the NBA, except without all the records and Hall of Fame status, or having played for the same team his entire career.
by Shareeb4Prez August 05, 2008
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