the act of being behind and in front of someone while moving to the rear.
dave behing steve
by quaaraaq October 28, 2009
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An incredible thing that is so silly and almost always a group of moles,cousins, or both
The behes are so good at roblox
Bah! I’m so jealous of the behes😩
by Behe222 December 26, 2020
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This one species of moth, that whenever i have a party seems to make it into my basement. This thing must be at least 4 inches big, its huge and everyone hates it. Also when im smoking in a parking lot i see it flying around the lights.
Cortland: Behe-moth!!
Me: Fuck where?!
Some random skank: OMFG KILL IT!
by Your Favorite Band September 08, 2010
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That bitch who acts like a friend to your face always claiming that she had a nigga first while shes trying to fuck your man.
Audry is such a butt slut behe she still is over there trying to suck my man off y i b workin
by 9inchN8s September 07, 2019
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A bitch that acts like a friend to your face, that always claims to have had your man first, but still be trying to fuck him while your a work.
Audry is such a butt slut behe that when i walked in from work she was naked on snapchat with my babys dad kev.
by 9inchN8s September 07, 2019
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by Behee's great great cousin September 18, 2020
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A down right amazing guy. If you meet him he is very kind, but kinda shy. But as you get to know him he will warm up to you. He is someone that will always make you laugh. He's super sweet, caring, kind, funny, and so much more. In fact there are not enough words in the world to describe him.
"omg, I've never met a nicer guy, wasn't his name Ryan Behe?"
by 85Lizard85 January 15, 2020
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