the greatest fucking band in the world.
aka minor threat on drugs
13 songs is fugazis greatest record.
by daimian August 09, 2004
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It is wise guy slang for a fake or a knockoff. It does not come from Italian as far as I know, except that it probably comes from an Italian name (see the following) . It just sounds like the word "fake." It's origin probably comes from the Fugazi Limousine Service which was a company that ran ads constantly on the local New York TV stations in the 70's. Everybody in the NY Tri-state area knew those ads. BTW, it has NOTHING to do with "FUBAR" in meaning or origin.
This guy thought he was buyin' a Rolex, but it was totally fugazi!
by TVR1977 January 22, 2018
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An Italian Slang word meaning fake. A commonly used word that seemingly is known by all except for those named Ed.
Ed thinks the word Fugazi is, well, Fugazi.
by PoopMcPoopenstein February 14, 2017
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fake or corny. Not the same shit as advertized.
"Them cats trying to represent themselves as gangsters, but don't know how to do a dead drop is fugazi"
by Sam Miller December 26, 2002
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Title of the sophomore effort from Marillion. The band was really starting to gel here.
Fish was really at his best on Fugazi
by rhinoman August 26, 2006
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