Adjective describing a state of extraordinarily negative performance or manner.
"Dood, sorry I'm late but my hooptie was being hella fucky."

"Man, Matrix Reloaded was kinda fucky."
by Frankie February 19, 2004
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Fucky is a person without the will to do anything. Like a person that sits on their chair all day playing fortnite, or someone that sleeps all the time.
Person 1: quit being a useless fucky and make uā€™r bed
Person 2: ugh!
by ā€˜_ā€™ February 13, 2019
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The number six-hundred-ninety. The number 69 ("Fuck") times ten is Fucky.
I'll buy that horn for fucky dollars
by Chodeser September 04, 2005
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where something is super fishy and not right but you can't exactly categorize where it isn't right so you're just stuck with this big feeling of Wrong.

one thing is missing to make the thing Right but you don't know what it is.
something fucky this way comes
the word fucky is just as fucky as its definition is.
by campfiretoast April 26, 2017
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From Peaches "Aa Xxx":

"licky licky sucky
nobody here can tell me they dont wanna fucky fucky"

by Saturnia November 04, 2003
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Like fuck but not as severe. You wouldnt call someone a fuckies, it wouldnt sound right. And its not really an activity either.
"oh fuckies i forgot my mobile"
by towel401 January 11, 2004
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