1) (verb) To put cum and shit in a blender and pour the mixture down the woman's vagina. The woman and/or man must perform cunnilingus on the woman/herself. They must then make out, adding saliva to the mixture, and blow bubbles with said mixture.

2) (noun) The Powerpuff Girl of the same name. See also Blossom, Buttercup, and dumb blonde.
1) She blew bubbles using a mixture of Guy's cum, shit, and saliva.

2) See the above.
by Yopmail User June 28, 2022
A process which consists of applying shower gel to ones anus as an alternative method of lubrication when anal sex is performed on thee. The recipient (one that gets a penis insterted anally), pulls out of the sexual act prematurely due to the excruciating pain and releases a discomposed "gas" through the anus thus creating a galore bubbles and accordingly completing the process which we call "bubbles".
Oh shit! I dont have no vaseline or baby oil.. i might use shower gel and forever blow bubbles
by Pappa Rappa Duffy October 15, 2009
The guy off Tralior park boys
by p October 25, 2003
The nick-name for the most beautiful, down-to-earth girl your've ever met!
Hey there bubbles, i cant believe your all mine. Nemiwalo!
by JD..jd..jd October 25, 2007
1) n Your best friend. 2) n Someone you think is awesome. 3) v Awesome.
Hello, my Bubbles friend!
Heyyy bubbles!
by Kabubbler July 1, 2010
Used to refer to someone who is on the rise and full of potential.

Above all that is petty.

Weightless or graceful.

Friendly highly sociable person.

Bubbles is about to buss' (burst) for sure he will make it big.

Sorry to burst your bubble or ruin your high.

Above all that is petty...hover like bubbles.

As cute as bubbles
by dahustle February 17, 2009
Tess's Fish that is not as good as Mr Hilbert
Bubbles is bad name to call a fish
by ff^m-iLy_t773 September 1, 2021