A group of stupid, annoying, or dumb people.
*mumbles* "fuckies..."
by Dysfunction January 11, 2004
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When you're fucking lucky
Running late for the Train today, I was fucky to get the last parking space in the Railway Car Park, and only just made it.
by JOANNA.G August 01, 2018
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A beautiful, amazing word that can be used anytime and anywhere. It is the answer to all questions in life. Works best when used randomly and out of context.
Dude #1 β€œHey dude, how’d you do on the science test?”
Dude #2 β€œEh, it was okay. The first half was easy, but it got harder in the second half and kept tricking me up.”
Dude #3 β€œfuckies”
via giphy
by BopPop37jesse December 10, 2018
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I think I'm getting fucky tonight!
Feeling fucky?
I got fucky with the neighbor an hour ago.
by lemonhead November 06, 2003
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When something is so fucked up, but so great
Gregman: Wow, his voice is so fucky it makes me cum.
Johnny: I know man!
by anus blaster June 18, 2015
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