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hands, of the fate varity
"Manos" the Hands of Fate
by DarkMatter October 06, 2004
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Thanos' twin brother, instead of clicking his fingers he clicks his big toe.
"Ow my big toe. Oh well there goes half of the world" said Manos.
by FLUKEYGTX August 07, 2018
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23:11 <Manos> The last time I had pussy, it was awesome.
23:12 <willyg> yea
23:12 <Manos> This was YESTERDAY.
23:12 <willyg> it always is
23:12 <electronarcosis> cool
23:12 <Manos> And it was with 3 different women.
by mancharmer June 29, 2009
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Slang for good friend or person you have known a while and bonded with ( Mano - male ) ( mana - female ) originated from the Spanish slang of hermano (brother) someone you are close to. Popular between 2 people that originate from seperate countries. I.e Britain and Spain
Hey, Mano!

by ENG.DICT July 08, 2012
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odd, weird, out of the norm, creepy, mysterious, outlandish, ridiculous, and unusual; something seen as being in "the hands of fate." As made popular by MST3K.
"The other day, on a whim, my friends and I decided to kill a goat. We used a rock and it took eight tries. It sounded fun at first, but turned out to be manos."

by Thel200ster March 18, 2007
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