Derogatory term used when the phrase 'fuck' is simply not adequate. Traditionally used in situations of extreme anger.
That kid is a fucktwit, let's kick his ass.
by dannyisajew September 16, 2003
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someone who opens their mouth without knowing what the fuck they are saying
Q. Is Richard Dawkins a fucktwit?
A. No way!
by Evan Mileus December 22, 2007
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Anyone who gets excited by Twitter and thinks broadcasting every dull, moronic thought and action to the world makes them interesting
A: Er, why is he tweeting he has just had a cup of coffee - why would anyone give a shit?

b: Yeh, well, he's a complete fucktwit
by fopboy July 12, 2010
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A person who posts on Twitter with absolutely no idea
Johnny: hey did you see my post on twitter yesterday?
Jenny: the one where you said that the earth was actually a triangle?
Johnny: yeah!
Jenny: you’re such a fucktwit
by Opc10 March 20, 2019
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A fuckwit but specific to someone who posts stupid things on Twitter. Usually Brexit Party voters or Donald Trump.
I'm taking a break from Twitter. A fucktwit pushed me over the edge this morning.
by dogegg June 3, 2019
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