3 definitions by dannyisajew

Derogatory term used when the phrase 'fuck' is simply not adequate. Traditionally used in situations of extreme anger.
That kid is a fucktwit, let's kick his ass.
by dannyisajew September 16, 2003
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1- Hey man, you hungry?
2- Yeah man, I'm fuckin' starving
1- Really? You should go eat a dick.
by dannyisajew September 16, 2003
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The act of fucking a girl doggystyle, and proceeding to pull out and cum on the female's back, and when she turns around you spit in her face. (see also: sniper
She thought I pulled a sniper, but then I spit in her face and she knew she was mistaken.
by dannyisajew August 26, 2003
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