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someone who is a complete and utter moron
He is such a fuckmunch.
by Asshead February 17, 2003
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a state of feeling where one has eaten bare food and cannot function correctly, and therefore is fucked.
craig: "i ate bare KFC and i was just fucked, that's what i call a 'fuck munch'"
by matty adam case May 29, 2007
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where a girl is getting both fucked and having her pussy eaten at the same time by either a guy or a girl
"I was fuckmunched"
by Tyler Durden April 18, 2003
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Defenition 1) A person who is a complete loser and deserves to die

Defenition 2) A person who munches on devices that have something to do with sex
Def. 1)
isnt that Nealon a fuck munch?

Def. 2)
That guy ate lots of condoms, what a fuck munch
by Timleob March 23, 2004
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what one is said to have eaten for breakfast the morning of the day they are really shitty or having a really bad day.
a) damn dude did u eat some fuckmunch this morning?
b) god he must have had some fuckmunch this morning
by napoleondynamite May 29, 2005
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I dunno, but I'm betting it tastes good... You a gamblin' man?
Shi' yo, tha' be some hardcore fuckmunch yo's got!
by Dutty Crimson November 15, 2004
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When you're getting head from your partner and they're completely missing every g-spot you have.
He was giving me head last night and totally fuckmunched it...
by DJdubby February 24, 2015
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