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A term describing a person or persons who is either weak or just a bitch but still attempts to talk mad shit on people because they have a few friends with that person.
you stupid fuckbitch.
by whiteninja1023 July 24, 2010
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Adjective- stupid/dumb female; asshole; jerk ; disrespectful; unexplainably mean.
*girl calls guy stupid*

*guy responds*

I don't know why you come over here and act like a fuck bitch, I didn't do anything wrong
*girl feels offended and embarrassed *
by LqShadow January 22, 2014
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The one thing every man discovers at one point in his life. Usually this occurs while smoking a blizzy and hangin' with ya homeboys.

Additionally, 'Gettin money' comes clearly before bitches, as quoted by The Best Rapper Alive:
"Get Money. Fuck bitches."
JP: "Hey Chri, that shit hit you hard or what?"
Chri: "Nah man, I just be thinkin'"
JP: "'Bout what?"
Chri: "Fuck bitches."
JP: "Hell ya son, just like my boy Weezy does it."
Chri: "Get money. Fuck bitches."
JP: "The best rapper alive fo sho."
Chri: "Gangsta to tha core. Ankle wrapped flame paint ya kitchen floor."
JP: "Shit's cold"
by Yo CHRI July 10, 2008
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A ho who has sex with you.
gladboy101: fuck, bitch, you're a ho and i wan' fuck
sadgirl102: dang tootin'
by The Shiznitch February 18, 2004
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A way of expressing anger when something goes wrong. It does NOT mean 'i like to fuck bitches', or 'fuck you, bitches'.
I just spilt my drink everywhere, fuck bitches.
Fuck bitches, i slept through my alarm.
by mchammeryeyeyeyeye January 11, 2011
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A saying used to express frustration with people who act like they have sand in their vagina. Most commonly used when certain individuals are stuck up ho's and mansluts.
1. Michael Wolfe.
2. "I can't belive he didn't even bother to call me. And he thinks he can be mad at me?! Fuck Bitches!!!"
by Chayla May 07, 2006
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