The exact combination of words that replaces anything that you forgot or can't think of fast enough. Said with a short pause between "Fucking" and "Shit ass"
Mom: Why were you out so late?!

Me: I don't know...fucking shit ass.
by Weasel Beans January 31, 2014
1) a series of offensive words, used in an undesireable situation.
2) a series of offensive words, used only to shock or disturb those around you.
3) an insulting request, translates to "have sex with this piece of poo, you who has a vagina in the place of their rectum."
Fuck shit, ass cunt.
Fuck! Shit! Ass! Cunt!
by Acephalous February 25, 2004
the act of fucking a woman who is considered dumb i.e blonde then fucking her up the ass then wanking on her shit hole
This act is fucking sick and should not be tried at home as it will result in the police being called.
Please delete if you want, but it's gotta be said, right?
by Corpse July 25, 2004