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The word most commonly used by Chaves and Townies, to describe the fellow friend.
Used instead of "mate".
Means Brother.
"Aight bruv?"
"Know what I'm saying bruv?"
"I outta kill you bruv!!"
by Corpse July 25, 2004

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Comes from the word Don which means someone who is cool or 'sound'.
Being 'Donnish' means to be cool or amazing etc.
"That is donnish!!"
"You are f@*^!g donnish mate!!"
"I love you, you're donnish!!'
by Corpse July 25, 2004

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To "Clooney it" is one's decision to avoid starting a family for the rest of his/her life.
A: "Don't you want to have a family"
B: "Nah, I think i'm just going to "Clooney it"
A: "I don't think he's happy about being alone"
B: "Of course he is, don't be silly"
by CorpSE July 17, 2013

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The juices that flow from the vagina!!
A typical Scottish word.
These usually smell of fish, or is it just the bitches I have been with?
I don't know but, hey thats what fanny wadge is and that's what in my experience they smell of!!
"Gee's a wadge er yer fanny!!"
"By Joe,I think she has fanny wadge runnng down her legs!!"
by Corpse July 25, 2004

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the act of fucking a woman who is considered dumb i.e blonde then fucking her up the ass then wanking on her shit hole
This act is fucking sick and should not be tried at home as it will result in the police being called.
Please delete if you want, but it's gotta be said, right?
by Corpse July 25, 2004

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