A game ("Fuck That Bitch"), best played with 2 or more people, similar to the 1-10 rating scale. However, it is much more simple, given that there are only 4 (sometimes 6, if you wish) rating levels.

Though the origins of the game are still debated, I do know that it started at a senior HS trip to Ft. Wilderness, Orlando, and became a full-fledged game back in Miami.

FTB - Fuck that Bitch. You want to fuck her, and you want to fuck her now.
CB - Cum Bucket. You'll hit it alright, but it's not quite an FTB.
NA - Non-Applicable. You'll just have to pass; there just isn't something right about her.
SWG - "Star Wars Galaxies." Yep, looks like something straight out of Star Wars Galaxies, the game. Like a hutt. Big and nasty and slimy. Reserved for the lowest of the ugly.

That's the simplified version of "FTB" however you may add up to two more:

JB - "Jail Bait." Can be either a CB or an FTB, but is too young for you to touch...legally, that is.
SFTB - "Super Fuck That Bitch." Only one woman may have this distinction. She is the best of the best. An SFTB may only be changed if another, even hotter, SFTB comes along.

You may also shout "FTB (or SWG), NO SHAME," really loud, if the particular FTB or SWG is strikingly hot/ugly.
"What do you think of her?"
"And her?."
by Eric Biotch April 26, 2006
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acronym for Fuck The Bullshit.
basically means to just stop caring about insignificant stuff.
life's got you down? well FTB and have fun.
by decoy November 26, 2004
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Fish That Bite

there aren't really that many ftb, more like fish that swim away scared, so it's important to distinguish between fish, and ftb.
Would you swim from here to that bridge for a thousand dollars?

I don't know, the water is probably really cold, and there might be FTB.
by sock311 May 13, 2013
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Short for "for the block," added on after something is "for the win." Opposite of ftw or "for the win." Implies that whatever is "for the win" isn't that great, or that the second option is better or makes more sense.

Derived from the game show "Hollywood Squares," where a celebrity picked "for the block" will prevent another from winning.
PERSON 1: Dude, I'm hungry.
PERSON 2: Burger King ftw!
PERSON 3: Uh, no, McDonald's ftb fool.
by heavyweightboxer September 02, 2007
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"For the block." Similar to ftw and ftl but used much more rarely.
by mikeejimbo July 26, 2006
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