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The fabled celebrity mortuary where careers go to get embalmed.
There are three paths of burnout for a celebrity: Revolving door rehab, paycheck roles in bad movies, and, if you lose all self-respect, Hollywood Squares.
by DancingKali March 24, 2011
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A gay game where all they need to do is say yes or no, not give a real answer. Often has Whoopi Goldberg and other washed up C-rank celebrities.
From Family Guy

Contestant: I'll take the dying boy for block.

Question: Is there anything less then absolute zero?

Dying Boy: Yeah, my white cell count.

*Crowd insanely laughs at this depressing joke and Whoopi Goldberg high-fives him*
by Elitist January 02, 2004
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A television, A.K.A death box. Used as a resource for staying up to date with current fads. Scroll through the channels and be informed as to how you should dress and which musicians you should like.
"This Christmas, all of the sheep will flock to the malls to blow their hard earned cash on flat screen HOLLYWOOD SQUARES.
by shrimpshrimpshrimp December 21, 2010
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