First used in german boards to motivate male to copulate female.

fsh="fick sie hart" ~ bone her
xy: tonight i got a date with a girl =)
zx: fsh gogo!
by jayjay September 10, 2004
bob: you goin to the party tonight?
John: ya, fsh.
by shotcaller456 December 29, 2011
"Wow, this fsh has no eyes..."
by Moi October 20, 2003
German slang for "Fick sie hart!" (fuck her hard!)
Tim: Ich geh gleich mit Muttern n bissl was erledigen.
Struppi: FSH!
by Enrico September 7, 2004
Person #1: Your such a fsh
Person #2: Huh?
Person #1: My point exactly.
by ??Random Task?? March 8, 2009