47 definitions by Moi

So what kind of guy did he turn out to be? Scum?
by Moi October 16, 2003
Manx slang for the word prick
want to fight like, you plick?
by Moi September 2, 2003
The man cried, "your right, i have utshob's," as he bounced down the hill.
by Moi June 4, 2003
NDBoston, troll of the internet
wow, NDBoston is a fine choad
by Moi April 10, 2005
Obnoxious party-invite acronyms, as in No Ugly Men, Please/No Ugly Women, Thanks.
Hope you can make it tomorrow night. Remember, NUMP/NUWT.
by Moi October 16, 2003