"i am so horny--fick me!"
by foxayladay March 3, 2005
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Go fick yourself
by Shusay January 30, 2003
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a redneck version of saying fuck when mad.

"fik you, you fuckin' knitwit"
by anon76889 February 14, 2012
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the nice way of calling someone a fuck or telling them to fuck off. and hey. you won't get called out by your parents for it!
are you ficking kidding me?!?! fick off man. hey what's up fick?
by kingmatt1022 May 15, 2017
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The act of inserting a fully erect penis into the opponents equally erect penis.
"Hey, its ficking time!"
"Fuck yes lobks, let's fick!"
"Your hair smells nice"
by AnonymTENDICKS February 11, 2008
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Prince charming. Specifically a fantastic man that everyone should meet before they die. Most everyone hasnt met this man. But one day, we all will.
Was that Fick?!?!

No, that was a look-alike

Oh, dang :
by Ficklelover March 1, 2009
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