7 definitions by jayjay

The evil HR Director of Dilbert's company aka jAYjAY >.> Many people want Catbert dead :(
by jayjay November 28, 2004
First used in german boards to motivate male to copulate female.

fsh="fick sie hart" ~ bone her
xy: tonight i got a date with a girl =)
zx: fsh gogo!
by jayjay September 10, 2004
A gay cat who likes to dress up in fetish wear/ rides in the front of cars/ doesn't like to be put in a kettle
Poofcat pie tastes good and wholesome
by jayjay October 23, 2003
DMsan is a rich person =(
by jayjay December 6, 2004
The Ultimate Kaiba FanGirl aka Queen Of The Kaiba Fangirls.
Many Fangirls wish they could be as Shykid
by jayjay November 26, 2004
Someone who enjoys jacking off at the same time as taking a shit. Usually a guy named Ketan.
I was watching porn while on the pot.

I couldn't help but jackshit..

When his buddies found out he was jacking off while taking a dump, he was forever known as a jackshitter..
by jayjay May 3, 2014