6 definitions by Enrico

In the game of basketball, an "alley oop" involving the Philadelphia Sixers star Andre Iguadola slamming home a dunk. The derivation of this word belives to have come from the Philly website www.the700level.com
In the third quarter, Iverson threw Andre a nasty Iggy oop.
by Enrico April 11, 2005
German slang for "Fick sie hart!" (fuck her hard!)
Tim: Ich geh gleich mit Muttern n bissl was erledigen.
Struppi: FSH!
by Enrico September 7, 2004
The dilema of finding a beautiful women, and discovering she has an ugly cunny!
Rachel was hot, but she had a shit pussy, it was a real cunnyundrum!
by Enrico May 27, 2004
A psychopathic subject who use to get his personal sexual satisfaction by eating fecals.
The two guys who have got arrested by the police were also a coprophagist couple.
by Enrico January 24, 2004
Jai: That girl had camel toe.

Donnie: That wasn't a girl. That's a TS with ball toe!
by Enrico August 12, 2004