A variation of the blumpkin, this sex act occurs when a women is sitting on a toilet defecating and simultaneously performing oral sex on the gentleman standing in front of her.
Lisa didn't know why, but after discovering what a frumpkin was she had an undeniable urge to perform one on the office custodian in the handicapped stall of the public restroom.
by koboldakawillywonkanuts February 24, 2010
A full-on frump. Syn.: Nerd. Also known as an Ethel or Morris Frumpkin.
He/she is an utter frumpkin.
by Ng August 4, 2003
To eat two fruit while on the toilet.
I feel so much better now that I frumpkined.
by Chunanana August 19, 2011
A blumpkin with diarrhea. Receiving oral while sitting on the toilet and taking a dump at climax. Usually a surprise as the loose stool is not expected and the blumpkin becomes a frumpkin.
Debbie is still pissed off at me because she was working me into some blumpkin action when to my surprise I frumpkined and she got a little messy.
by betty February 25, 2005
1. A fruity person. ie; The f stands for fruity & faggot and because pumpkin is a fruit it emphasizes this fact.
2. A person named luke.
Matthew: Luek u r a frumpalushious frumpkin
Shade . o O ( ROFL! )
by Matthew Larsen February 19, 2005
a frumpkin is a piece of shit stuck with a piece of toilet paper which sticks to your ass hairs after taking a massive steaming shit.
Even though Tristan wiped his ass after taking a dump, he still had some smelly frumpkins hanging about his anus, and when I was sucking on his balls, I accidentally licked one off.
by Kyle Queen March 5, 2008