a dull and unfashionably dressed woman
That woman is a Grade-A frump.
by Light Joker June 5, 2007
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A woman who is generally not concerned with her appearance and doesn't make any attempt to look womanly or sexy. Frumps are very common in the Seattle area. They need not be overweight but commonly are somewhat "doughy" and are characterized by lack of makeup (except for ugly art-school or Goth-style makeup), poorly-fitted, unstylish clothing, general lack of muscle tone or a tan. They sometimes wear very bright red lipstick or substitute teacher cat-eye glass to make themselves even less appealing to men although they are not dykes. They'll often complain loudly that they can't find a man yet make no attempt to present themselves in a manner that might attract a man (showing skin or cleavage for instance). They might even be somewhat attractive (do-able)if they made an attempt at dressing better and wearing makeup and/or a better hairstyle.
Wynonna Ryder is an example of a well-known frump (don't you hate the way she hides those awesome gland bags of hers beneath baggy shirts?)

I saw a group of frumps out for a walk wearing parkas and "Seattle Sombreros" (an ugly Gore-Tex rain hat) walking at Pike Street Market on a rare sunny day in Seattle.
by Mr. Tapeworm May 25, 2006
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a state of generalized depression
I have been in a frump all day today
by Eva McCombs October 8, 2006
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One who farts in the Bathtub and snaps at the bubbles.
The crazy man was a frump. He acted as though a dog would in the bathtub
by CalvinPalmer November 19, 2005
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frump is combination of the two words "front and rump" aka butt in the front its the big roll of fat that sits under a fat asses belly.
check out that hogstrapper warming up her hands with her frump. it swallowed them up to her forearms!
by chadsicle January 23, 2005
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Friend+dump=friend dump=frump
To friend-dump an individual.
"Hey, Tami, can we talk?" Larissa asked.
"Yeah, I have something to say, also." Tami said.
"I bought you an iPad mini for your birthday." Larissa handed Tami the box. "The case is Yves Saint Laurent."
"Yeah, that's nice." Tami rolled her eyes. "I want to frump you."
"What? Your friend dumping me for who?!" Larissa began to cry.
"For Jenna Banks." Tami walked away, and linked arms with her. "Have fun with your life, biyotch
by kissesXOXkisses May 10, 2014
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to plump a pillow to make it more comfortable for your head
before going to bed brittney frumped her pillow before drifting into sleep
by dadsrock April 18, 2011
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