Fruit Loops are gay Cherios.
Fruit Loops are so fruity they are gay Cherios.
by Shawn Underwood January 8, 2007
We use fruit loop to describe someone who has mental problems. Or someone who is just plainly insane. Not mentioning any names.
Boss from work goes mad if you have too many tea's. She is fruit loop.
by Mr Anonomous April 11, 2007
A sexual phenomenon in which a large group of gay men perform anal sex on each other to form a circle. Each member both receives AND penetrates, everyone's happy.
Me and the guys got together last Saturday night, had a few drinks and formed a fruit loop.
by damien nortogan October 13, 2013
The act of eating breakfast cereal out of another person's anus
Hey hazel! I fancy some cereal, sure thing Chris I have my speculum handy, you grab the fruit loops and I'll bend over.

Ooh Chris that milks so cold in my gaping anus I hope you bought your spoon!!
by Bandit657462 May 24, 2018
noun A wholly vacant person. See also fuckwit
She's lost the plot, a total fruit loop
by Gazza February 6, 2003
A loop of cloth sewn onto the upper center of a man's shirt by the manufacturer. Often found on dress shirts, and sometimes on preppie alligator-emblazoned shirts. Purpose of this loop of cloth has never been determined.
You see how Bubba ripped the fruit loop right offen Edwin's shirt-back?
by M. Robinson July 13, 2004
Slang for the prominantely gay area of DC known as Dupont Circle. Technically,the center of the neighborhood is a traffic circle and the majority of residents are gays - a.k.a. fruits hence the title "fruit loop."
"Dude, I wanna go to Lulus Mardi Gras, but I dont know where it is."

"Oh thats easy, its in the Fruit Loop, so just take the metro red line to Dupont Circle."

"Awesome. I hope I meet some hot twinks there."
by fyrecracker December 29, 2005