Same as Fag Tag. It's that pointless loop of material that appears at the pleat on the back of certain button-down shirts.
The douchebag tried to walk away, but I grabbed him by his fruit loop and dragged him to the ground.
by The Human Cannonball August 4, 2007
someone who is sightly gay, whilst also being slightly retarded.
Fruit-Loop is:
loop the fruit.
everyone I know is a fruit loop.
loop the fruit.
The land befoe time is a fruitloop of a movie.
by Ghettonomus August 3, 2008
To walk around a gay bar looking for one of your friends there.
Do you know where Larry is?
No, let's do a fruit loop to see if he's here.
by dventure September 2, 2006
I've always used fruit loop to describe someone who was a bit dippy or loopy, in the mad, scatter-brained sense.
I can't believe you just said that, you fruit loop!
by Em1710 August 3, 2006
the act of inserting small beats of fruit into the anus of somebody and sucking them out right after.
"dude my girlfriend came past last night and i gave her a fruit loop

anus fruit
by CaptainObvious March 6, 2012
Pouring milk and fruit loop in someone's gapping ass hole
Damn I just at fruit loops out of that ass doe~fruit looped
by Ironic February 21, 2016
1. A crazy insane gay man
2. a cereal featuring an incest ridden toucan and his 3 gay nephews
by hgmkkdydjtjtuj December 1, 2007