1. A snowman with a jolly, happy soul. He suddenly came to life one day, much to the chagrin of the grown-ups, because someone put a magical silk hat upon his head. Frosty then went to the nearest town to "have some fun" until a traffic cop ordered him to stop. He later melted away, telling the children not to be sad, because he would someday return again.

2. An alcoholic beverage

3. A form of fellatio with a mouthful of ice.

4. A form of milkshake, commonly found at Wendy's restaurants.

5. To add highlights of bleached color to one's hair. If you are in a boyband, this is a mandatory hairstyle.
1. Please see the nursery rhyme

2. Let's go have frosty and build a snowman.

3. "Damn. That was the best frosty I've ever had, Wendy."

4. See above

5. "You have nice, frosty hair Lance. Too bad your music totally sucks."
by Mitchy_Mitchy_Mitchy April 10, 2006
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Getting high whilst being in the Christmas spirit so you talk about Christmas stuff; getting high in the winter;
Dude I got so frosty last night I swore I saw Santa!
by JoshyMohh December 25, 2014
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Fellatio with a mouth full of ice.
She gave me a frosty but it was too cold to take for more than a few minutes.
by jepense January 03, 2004
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when under the influence of large amounts of alcohol and/or other mind altering substances, you feel "nice". Nothing can stop someone who feels this good. you do not feel tired and are in a remarkably good mood
Me: damn mike over there is fucked up
Mike: yo man im feelin frosty as fuck
Me: oh shit, Bitches ain't ready
Mike: damn straight, im nice! you tryin to get at that Barry O?
Me: hell yeah! ima get frosty too my man
by Smokin on that Barry O March 21, 2013
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When a man pisses outside in sub-zero weather and the head of his pecker ices over.
Dude#1-what the hell are you doing bro?

Dude#2-i just pissed off of the porch and got a frosty

Dude#1-holy fuck man, it's like 10 below!

Dude#2- no shit, help me find a wood chisel bro before i get frostbite!
by February 15, 2020
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When you go to Wendy’s and buy a frosty, suck on it to create a vacuum with your butthole and milk a dick with your asshole.
Id totally give Alex Morgan a frosty.
by TomB12 July 17, 2019
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