A town located in the Southern Willamette Valley that is known as "Track Town USA" and the world's highest pollen count. Home to the Oregon Ducks, not much to do here in this outdoor sports-centric town, but go hiking, bicycling or some weed. It also has large skate parks more than any other city in the country which attracts a load of youth that unfortunately snakes you from time to time. Seriously, there is ALOT of skilled bmxers here, making me feel like a noob on my own regular mountain bike.

The disadvantages of living in this town is that some may feel that the winters are too mild/warm (and very humid) and the summers too hot and dry. To go into specifics, during the Spring on most days nighttime low is freezing while the daytime high is in the middle-upper 70's F. What other area in the country is like that, excluding the desert and mesa regions near the Rockies? And in the summer, one day the daytime temp will be 90 F and the next day would be 70 F and the day after would be 85 F and the day after would be 72 F ect. I mean, wtf? Why can't temps be more consistent here in the summer? Is there any climate like this?
I am from Eugene, Oregon and fortunately I like all the outdoor sports entails, but it's a shame I'm freezing in the morning and hot in the afternoon on a "nice" spring day. Come summer, and it won't be long 'till the temperature flip-flop daily like a chameleon...
by OnSexyCloud69 April 20, 2019
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